Stainless Steel Pocket Utility Knife Guide Instructions Slide Fix, Blade Replacement.

Blade replacement guide

1. To replace the blades Push the slide all the way in front, then insert the small threaded tool into the hole same as I did in the image.

2. Once the tool inserted Push again the slide all the way in front.

3. Remove the old blade then reinsert the new blade in the same way.

4. Retract the slide with the blade.

5. Remove the tool.
Note: Always retract the slide back with the blade before removing the tool.

Slide Problems ? Blade not locking ?

If you are having this issue this is normal since the slide is very small and sometimes we force it or we push it down, but don’t worry this is fixable.

  1. Tools need to fix the slide: a small pry bar, or a small flat screwdriver.
  2. STOP: read this first, Be careful with this step to prevent damage or broken slide, this is very important.
  3. Once you get the tool carefully push up the slide. push it like 1mm up this should fix the issue.

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